For over 10 years, our many custom designed websites for a wide range of businesses are the best proof that Pt Software By Pentor Group Co., Ltd. is a completely professional team with extensive experience in rendering integrated website solutions encompassing web design consultation, online marketing, tailor-made web design, web hosting to support customers who use our website design services, e-commerce solutions, website promotion among target groups,
as well as website maintenance & management services. We are strongly committed to achieving our objectives and playing a key role in propelling your businesses to infinite success!
website, game, sport and Casino.
Top ranked number one in Malaysia.
website, game, sport and Casino.
Top ranked number one in Vietnam.
website, game, sport and Casino.
Top ranked number one in China.
Web Development
Our talented personnel will transform your concepts into attractive yet simple designs which effectively convey messages to your target customers to bring about your business success. By using HTML, Dynamic HTML, Java Script, Flash Presentation, etc. in combination with cutting-edge technologies, we will create designs tailored to position your businesses at the forefront of the global market.
Mobile Application
Services Mobile Application on IOS, ANDROID and consulting services. By a professional team with the concept of development that "A good Mobile Application must be easy to use and beautiful."
We are professionals in rendering superb web hosting services through the leading data center of our choice—Inet Data Center—and copyrighted software for all web hosting services provided e.g. Windows 2003 Server & Linux (operating system), Merak Mail Server (for mail servers), McAfee antivirus software (for virus detection in emails), 7-day website backup system (to back-up website data every seven days), etc., to facilitate your online businesses with maximum efficiency.

Online Marketing tools: Google Adword, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Application, Facebook Apps, Campaign Website, Content and Banner

Maintained &
We offer a complete array of website maintenance and management services to provide our customers with convenience and maximum efficiency in running their businesses online. Our maintenance and support team will keep your websites up-to-date and make changes to improve your website performance. We also analyze your customer data to develop websites to fully meet your customers' needs.

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